Kornia team is happy to announce the release for v0.5.5.

  • Support for PyTorch 1.9.0
  • Interface for Stereo Camera manipulation
  • Random selection for the augmentation containers
  • Bug fixes




  • Change GaussianBlur to RandomGaussianBlur (#1118)
  • Update ci with pytorch 1.9.0 (#1120)
  • Changed option for mean and std to be tuples in normalization (#987)
  • Adopt torch.testing.assert_close (#1031)


  • Remove numpy import (#1116)


@copaah @ducha-aiki @edgarriba @eugene87222 @JoanFM @justanhduc @pmeier @shijianjian

In addition, we are revamping our online documentation by adding as much as visual examples to each functionality.

Visit our documentation here: https://kornia.readthedocs.io/en/latest/enhance.html

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The Kornia team